Our Heritage of Faith

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Seventh International Art Competition

Faith is strengthened by hearing the testimonies of others (see Romans 10:14–17).

As Latter-day Saints we have a heritage of faithful testimonies upon which we can draw to strengthen our own testimonies. From ancient times we have Adam, Abraham, and Noah, whose testimonies of faith were borne out by their actions. In modern times we have the testimonies of prophets from President Joseph Smith to President Gordon B. Hinckley. We can also find strength in the testimonies of our local leaders, our family, and our friends.

This “heritage of faith” was the theme upon which Latter-day Saint artists were asked to draw as they created works of art for the Seventh International Art Competition. More than 900 artists from 44 countries responded. Of the 235 works selected for the exhibition, 15 received Purchase Awards, and another 26 received Merit Awards of $500 each.

Following is a sampling from the exhibit “Our Heritage of Faith,” currently at the Museum of Church History and Art in Salt Lake City, Utah, until September 4, 2006. The complete exhibition can also be seen by visiting www.lds.org/museum.

And It Was Night(click to view larger)

And It Was Night, by Benjamin McPherson, New Mexico, oil painting, 66” x 38”

Joseph(click to view larger)

Joseph, by Scott Allred, Utah, oil painting, 16” x 19.5”

Jesus Washes an Apostle’s Feet(click to view larger)

Jesus Washes an Apostle’s Feet, by Laurie Olsen Lisonbee, California, oil painting, 20” x 19.5”

God Speed the Right(click to view larger)

God Speed the Right, by Kazuko K. Covington, Japan, pieced and sewn textile quilt, 60” x 55”, Merit Award

Joseph Smith Cuts the Ice for Joseph Heywood’s Baptism(click to view larger)

Joseph Smith Cuts the Ice for Joseph Heywood’s Baptism, by Patricia Chiu, Utah, leaded stained-glass picture, 45” x 45”

Mother: A Precious and Chosen Vessel(click to view larger)

Mother: A Precious and Chosen Vessel, by Megan Rieker, Maryland, oil painting, 40” x 27.5”

Sabbath Morning(click to view larger)

Sabbath Morning, by Susan Comish, Utah, oil painting, 48” x 36”

Peace, Be Still(click to view larger)

Peace, Be Still, by Luis Vergera, Chile, carved wood sculpture, 48” x 48” x 21”

St. Ann: If There Are Any Heavens(click to view larger)

St. Ann: If There Are Any Heavens, by Nathan Florence, Utah, oil painting, 23.5” x 29.5”

Did Not Our Hearts Burn within Us?(click to view larger)

Did Not Our Hearts Burn within Us? (Luke 24:32), by Michael Malm, Utah, oil painting, 40” x 30”

Triplus, Number 3(click to view larger)

Triplus, Number 3, by Ron Richmond, Colorado, oil painting, 75” x 51”

How Beautiful upon the Mount: Triptych(click to view larger)

How Beautiful upon the Mount: Triptych, by David Wilson, Hawaii, oil painting, 46” x 15”

Theophany: Visible Manifestation of God(click to view larger)

Theophany: Visible Manifestation of God, by Valeriano Ugolini, Italy, oil painting, 29.5” x 52”

Heed Them Not(click to view larger)

Heed Them Not (1 Nephi 8:34), by Sarah Merkley, New York, oil painting, 25.5” x 39.5”

The Circle II(click to view larger)

The Circle II, by Clay Wagstaff, Utah, oil painting, 60.5” x 84”