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President Monson Dedicates Panama City Temple

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    Following the open house held from July 11 to July 26, 2008, and a cultural celebration held on August 9, President Thomas S. Monson dedicated the Panama City Panama Temple on August 10, 2008.

    The first lady of Panama, Vivian Fernández de Torrijos, attended the open house along with several government officials. She told her host that she was impressed with the beauty and reverence of the temple.

    Luis Farias, one of the more than 32,000 people who visited the new temple during the three-week open house, said that his experience had allowed him “to renew hope.”

    “I see that the world is losing its values,” he said, “and after I entered the temple my hopes increased that not all is lost.”

    There are 140 temples either in use or under construction throughout the world. The Panama temple is the 127th in operation.

    The first lady of Panama, Vivian Fernández de Torrijos, visited the new Panama City Panama Temple with Elder Don R. Clarke, Central America Area President, and his wife, Mary Anne.