Director of the Christmas Program

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Final rehearsal
and still I ask how,
from present chaos,
can we possibly create
a heavenly choir?
But I pray that we may.
Then, on Sabbath day in answer to desire,
Past sticky smear on best-dress sleeve,
Past crying babe and petulant child
Comes elusive feeling creeping,
Magically distilled and seeping
Into hidden places of my harried heart.
“Glory to God in the highest …”
Like a shawl, wonder warms me
At the wisdom of my choosing
To take part at all.
“Peace on earth,
Goodwill to men …”
Fellowship slips
Into hollow soul-spaces
With mellowness and ease.
“How silently …
the wondrous gift is given …”
Hard to believe, but without
Wrapping, ribbon, or bow, I know
The nebulous gift is received.
“Where meek souls will
receive Him, still …”
Indeed, our herald angels sing
Right now, this holy day!
Indeed, right here
“… in this world of sin …
the dear Christ enters in.”

Illustration by Steve Kropp