The New Era

The April 2010 issue of the New Era is all about dating. It is aimed at teens who are just beginning to think about dating and those who have just started. The issue is full of answers to questions, including “Is Dating Dead?” and more than 10 pages of answers to teens’ frequently asked questions.

The issue could be helpful as parents talk to their teens about this step in their development. It addresses what those just turning 16 are facing right now. In it you will find messages from Church leaders, as well as fun ideas for casual dating.

The Friend

A Year on Temple Square

The April 2010 issue of the Friend includes a feature on the Salt Lake Tabernacle on pages 6 and 7. This article is part of the Friend’s “A Year on Temple Square” series. Children who read this story can learn some interesting facts about the Tabernacle organ’s usage and history.

He Sent His Son

The issue also includes a new song on pages 24 and 25, “He Sent His Son.” Children who are interested in learning how to play this song or other songs on the piano can read the story “Primary Pianists” on pages 22 and 23 for tips and suggestions about learning how to play it.

Corrections and Clarifications

Correction in December 2009 Ensign

On page 3 of the Table of Contents, the last bullet point under “Coming in January” should have read: Maintaining faith despite uncertainty; first-Sunday lessons; and the new course of study in Sunday School and in priesthood and Relief Society.

Clarification in January 2010 Ensign

A sidebar accompanying “Studying the Work of Relief Society” by Julie Beck in the January Ensign pictured the LDS Family Services Addiction Recovery Program book, but did not list it in the possible resources for first-Sunday lessons. The manual may be used for this lesson.