The New Era

First Response

A young man has to use his first aid training twice to save lives. In “Guided to Do First Aid” on page 24, he credits the inspiration of the Holy Ghost for being able to respond when needed.

Learn Service

After hearing about tragedies that have happened around the world, have you felt like you wanted to help? Read about what some teens are doing for Samoa, Haiti, and elsewhere in “Learning to Serve” on page 34.

Making Good Choices

Elder Paul V. Johnson of the Seventy uses some stories from his own life as he talks about making choices that affect the lives of teens in “Making Righteous Choices” on page 40.

The Friend

Family History Library

Take a tour of the Family History Library on pages 6–7 in the September 2010 Friend as a part of the “A Year on Temple Square” series. Learn fun facts about family history and find out about why family history work is important. Then turn to pages 24–25 to find out how you and your children can do family history work together.

Conference Fun

Do you have a special activity or tradition that you and your family take part in at conference time? The Friend wants to know about it. Read on page 22 about some of the activities Friend readers do. Then use the form on page 48 to send the Friend some of your own traditions or ideas.