The New Era

The First Christmas

What was going on in the Book of Mormon lands when Christ was born in Bethlethem? Review the exciting events, especially the amazing miracle of a day and a night and a day of light, that signaled the birth of the Savior. Check out the words and art in “Christmas in the New World” on page 24.

Christmas Singing

Teens in South Africa use music to celebrate the Christmas season. Read more in “Sing Praise to Him” on page 16.

Avoiding Materialism

How do we handle materialism at this time of the year? Read five tips for tackling materialism in “Enough Stuff” on page 34.

The Friend

Christmas Workshop

Find recipes and crafts you can create this Christmas season. These pages include directions on how to make Greek Christmas cookies, a candle jar, Christmas carrots, and a manger card. On page 26.

A Year on Temple Square

Learn more about the Church History Library as the Year on Temple Square series concludes with an article that follows a 10-year-old girl during her visit to the library. Then watch a video on to learn more about the library. On page 6.


Moving article

Your article on ministering to prisoners has moved me to tears. My husband has been in prison for 7 years and still has 5 years to go. As a member with an incarcerated spouse, I can’t tell you how this touched me to know that we are not forgotten! It is a most difficult thing to keep a marriage alive during a lengthy incarceration but we are trying. I often feel very alone and like no one in my ward could possibly understand and do try to keep it very quiet. I just want to thank you for having this article. Maybe some members will have a less judgmental attitude towards people in my situation thanks to your sensitive approach of the subject. This was a true answer to many prayers. Thank you.

Name Withheld

Thank you for the unique cover of the May 2010 Ensign. Each morning at breakfast, as I begin my day with the usual challenges and frustrations, it is a special pleasure to have President and Sister Monson giving me a personal greeting of love.

Beverly Hart

Idaho, USA

Although I like the new format, some of the layouts make it a little difficult to quickly follow a story. For example, on page 76 of the July 2010 there is information from two stories on the same page. As you finish the “Church Makes Mission Changes” first column your eye naturally goes to the top of the second column which belongs to a different story. A little more definition between stories would be helpful. Perhaps the old “continued on page 28” format would be helpful. Thank you so much for the new design, family home evening suggestions, and other helpful changes.

Renae Woods

Utah, USA