Appreciating the Savior’s Mission

David R. Anderson, Utah, USA

One of our favorite family home evenings helped us better appreciate the life and mission of the Savior. We asked every family member to find scriptures about the Savior’s hands, eyes, feet, or mouth. Then we each shared those scriptures. For example, the Savior’s hands healed the leper, His feet walked on water, and His eyes wept at the tomb of Lazarus. We also discussed the wounds in Jesus’s body and the perfection of His sacrifice. Our discussion about the life and acts of Jesus Christ invited the Spirit and allowed each family member to bear testimony of our Savior.

Illustration by Beth Whittaker

Helps for Home Evening

“Make Yours a Great Life,” page 38: Family home evening is an excellent time to encourage family members. After sharing this article, consider helping your children create a “life plan.” You could include career choices, educational goals, or personal ambitions. Set a plan of small goals to help reach bigger ones. Conclude by discussing this quote from the article: “Some people dream about the future but don’t do much to move into it with power. They don’t realize that what they do—or don’t do—now will profoundly affect their future.”

“Home Teachers Who Made a Difference,” page 33: Discuss how home teachers can “nurture and inspire, to counsel and direct our Father’s children.” Share stories from the article and bear your testimony about how home teachers have blessed your life. Encourage the priesthood holders in your family to set a goal to help them magnify this divine call to nurture and inspire God’s children. Suggest they write down the goal in their journal.

“Carrying Others to the Pool of Bethesda,” page 62: Read together the first paragraphs of the article and have your family make a poster of the five guidelines. Refer to the poster as you share some of the stories from the article, discussing which guideline was followed. Discuss how these principles can help you serve others in times of need and make a goal to use them.