The New Era

Mutual Theme

The January New Era announces the 2011 Mutual theme. It is the entire thirteenth article of faith stressing the first two words: We believe. Read messages from both the Young Men and Young Women general presidents. See page 6.

Snowboarding Lessons

A young man tries to learn to snowboard without taking the advice of those who already know how. He learns a painful lesson about the importance of listening to those who have gone before. See page 24.

Personal Revelation

Do you want to know how personal revelation works in your life? Helpful discussions are in two articles, “Removing Roadblocks to Revelation,” and “Becoming What You Want to Be.” See pages 18 and 40.

The Friend

New Features

You and your children can look for these features in the Friend, new for 2011: Articles of Faith (page 22), stories of Jesus from the New Testament (page 6), and scripture posters (page 49).

Conference Cards

Help your children remember what they learned from the October 2010 general conference. On page 14 you can find Conference Spotlight Cards to cut out with thoughts from the prophet, apostles, and auxiliary leaders.


Study Tools

I really appreciate the “Ten Scripture Study Tools” article in the September 2010 issue of the Ensign. It’s a convenient, brief reminder of how we can study the scriptures rather than just read them.

I especially appreciate the tip to notice words like “behold,” “wherefore,” “because,” and others. It has made connections much easier for me to see and understand.

When I am reading the word of God consistently and diligently, the Spirit is more fully in my life. My desire to serve God and my fellowman is increased. I appreciate the Atonement more and feel closer to my Savior.

Jennifer Schultz

Virginia, USA

Personal Devotional

I read the Ensign from cover to cover. In my personal devotional each morning, I first kneel and pray and then read from my scriptures. As I read a statement that speaks to me I underline the passage. I read one article from the current Ensign. and one conference address. I am then fortified for the day. In one month I am able to read the current issue of the magazine and read the conference issue multiple times.

When I have finished marking and reading the Ensign, I go back through and record all the “to do” and “quotes I loved” in a journal I keep especially for the great nuggets of thought. Doing this has blessed and enriched my life.

I love the Ensign.

Dixie B. Conger

Utah, USA