A Simple Message, a Profound Sense of Peace

Yun Jung Nam, Texas, USA

Not long ago our family moved from Korea to the United States. Things were hectic as we tried to get settled in. Our first Monday night in our new home we held a simple family home evening. A set of scriptures was our only resource, so we read in 3 Nephi about Christ’s appearance to the Nephites. As we did so, we felt that even though we were in a totally new situation, place, and country, the Lord was mindful of us, just as He was of the Nephites.

As a family we knelt in a circle and prayed. Despite our exhaustion from the move, we felt a deep sense of comfort, knowing that we would always have one another and Heavenly Father and the Savior to rely on. We knew that everything would turn out for the best. And it has.

Illustration by Beth Whittaker

Helps for Home Evening

“Teaching the Doctrine of the Family,” page 12: While sharing Sister Julie B. Beck’s message, invite family members to discuss the importance of the doctrine of the family. Discuss the threats to the family and how these can be overcome through faith. Help resolve any concerns or hesitancy your youth may have about marriage and families.

“Preparing Emotionally for Missionary Service,” page 22: As you prepare this lesson in advance, prayerfully review the entire article and select topics that would be most helpful for your family. Consider discussing ways family members can begin now to prepare for missionary service. You may want to conclude by writing letters to missionaries in your family or ward.

“Seeds of Self-Reliance,” page 60: After sharing the article, you could involve your family in the necessary preparations for “plant[ing] seeds of self-reliance.” To do this, consider discussing one or more of the suggestions in the article. Determine a plan for implementing some of these ideas and consider planting even one plant during family home evening in anticipation of “reaping the blessings of gardening.”