The New Era

On Tolerance

Teens are often asked to be tolerant of attitudes they do not believe in. On page 2 readers can find Elder Russell M. Nelson’s advice on how teens should deal with being tolerant of others.

Keeping a Journal

Keeping a family history is not just important for those at the end of their lives. “Remember to Remember” shows ways to keep an interesting and fresh journal that can remind you of the important times of your life. On page 16.

The Friend

Preparing for Missionary Service

President Thomas S. Monson has said that the Lord needs more missionaries (Ensign, November 2010). Help your children answer the prophet’s call for more missionaries by talking to them about the “I Will Prepare” certificate on page 11 of the March Friend. Children can sign the certificate and cut it out to remind them that the Lord wants them to be prepared to be missionaries.

Know Your Friend Better

Have you ever wondered how Friend editors choose which stories to publish or how Friend designers find the right art? What about how the magazines are printed? Matt and Mandy will help you and your children find the answers to these questions and learn several other tidbits in “Behind the Scenes of the Friend on pages 24–25.


Frustrating Fonts

While I am a lifelong subscriber of the magazines, I’m somewhat frustrated that the newer printing fonts are lighter and much smaller than the previous magazines, especially the sidebar notes. I’m hoping that this may not be a permanent thing.

Corene Bennett

Utah, USA

Great Temples Issue

What an incredible October magazine regarding temples. Excellent discussion and highlights on these magnificent temples.

Thank you! What a way to inspire us. This Ensign will be kept forever. Great work to those who put it all together.

Somebody had a wonderful idea. I love it.

Lucille Skanchy

Utah, USA