Family Home Evening ideas

Reinforcing Lessons from Primary

Emily Cushing,

Utah, USA

My children often bring home handouts they have colored or assembled in Primary. These drawings, finger puppets, popsicle stick figures, and other crafts illustrate the stories and principles they learned in class.

When we arrive home from church, I gather their handouts. The following night at family home evening, I return the items to my children, and they use them to explain the Primary lessons from the previous day.

This has been a fun and valuable way to use the handouts my children receive and create. Through recalling and teaching what they learned in class and sharing time, my children have the opportunity to internalize and reflect upon the gospel principles from Primary as our family learns together.

Helps for Home Evening

“The True Path to Happiness,” page 22: After sharing the article with your family, discuss what President Monson meant by “Decisions determine destiny.” Consider asking the following questions: How do the decisions we make now affect our happiness in the future? How can we be sure we are making righteous decisions? Invite family members to share examples of how making good decisions has brought them more happiness.

“The Heart and a Willing Mind,” page 30: Discuss with your family what it means to submit our will to God’s will. Ask family members to think of examples of how the Savior was the perfect example of submitting His will to God’s. Then consider making a list of the five ways we can give our heart and mind to the Lord, as outlined by Elder Hallstrom.

“The Power of Education,” page 60: Share the quote in the story from President Hinckley that says, “You need all the education you can get. Sacrifice a car; sacrifice anything that is needed to be sacrificed to qualify yourselves to do the work of the world.” As a family define sacrifice and discuss the blessings that come from it. Consider sharing your feelings about the importance of education and preparing for the future.