The New Era

A Testimony of Her Own

There comes a time for every young person when they must decide for themselves if they have a testimony. For Jennie, it came during family home evening when her parents and siblings took turns sharing their testimonies. Read “A Testimony of My Own” on page 6.

On Being Shy

Do you have sons or daughters who consider themselves shy? “From Shyness to Strength” on page 30 tells about what causes shyness, the two main types of shy people, what they can do about it, and what others can do to help.

Good Examples

Elder Joseph W. Sitati tells about four young people from Africa who are all great examples of living the gospel. Read “Your Example Matters” on page 40 to see how setting a good example not only strengthens you, but it can strengthen others also.

The Friend

Internet Safety

In “Crash and Tell” on pages 8–9, Connor learns what to do when he encounters inappropriate content on the Internet. An accompanying list of Internet safety tips on page 10 gives helpful guidelines all children need to know.

Summer Reading

The Friend summer reading program (pages 24–25) will keep children busy and happy with a whole summer full of reading and activities from the pages of the Friend.


Thanks for the hard work

I just want to thank you and your staff for the changes you have been making. The pagination and column design makes the magazine flow and easy to read. The artwork is amazing and the articles are so well planned. I worked in the publishing industry for several years. I managed ad sales and almost every issue, artwork from advertisers was always last minute. So I watched our editors almost pull their hair out trying to make deadlines with late ads and overdue articles. I’m glad you don’t have advertisers. On rare occasions you might experience our leaders, maybe including our beloved Prophet President Monson (a publisher), creating some interesting deadlines, but their words on print and electronic copy are so worth your late night efforts.

Again, thank you for your hard work. The Ensign has always been an important part of my life. Every month there are articles that have helped me to stay close to the Lord.

Larry Willes

California, USA