The New Era

The True Church

Elder Dallin H. Oaks explains why we call our Church “the only true and living church.” Read his comments on page 2.

Friendship Despite Rivalry

Two young men who have been friends since childhood are both quarterbacks—on opposing teams in a bitterly contested rivalry game. But the next day, one baptizes the other. Read the whole story about Brandon and Teren in “Everyone Wins” on page 24.

Good Manners

Why do adults make such a fuss about manners? Find out why good manners make sense on page 30.

The Friend

Bringing Primary Home

Have you wondered about how you can help your children learn more about the topics they are discussing in sharing time? In “Bringing Primary Home,” (pages 40–41) you and your children are able to participate in an activity at home that builds on the lessons they are learning in sharing time that month. This month’s “Bringing Primary Home” activity discusses the sharing time theme “My Body Is a Temple of God.” Your children can read and complete the activity in the Friend to supplement what they are learning in Primary. Each month, “Bringing Primary Home” will continue to reinforce sharing time ideas.

Photos of Friend Readers

Last summer, the Friend asked children to send in pictures of them reading the Friend in interesting places. Photos were submitted of children reading the Friend at football games, with farm animals, at the pool, on temple grounds, and many other places. Take a look at “Summer with the Friend (pages 24–25) to see some of the interesting photos we received.