Volunteers Can Build LDS Media Library Online

LDS Media Library’s theme—“Learn, Share, Create”—accurately describes what members can do using the resources the website provides, especially the “share” part.

The new section of LDS.org is designed to help members access gospel-oriented media such as videos, audio files, and still images in one trusted location, and members can help achieve that goal by submitting their own work.

As opposed to a general web search, the Media Library is “a safe place to go and find good content to help members share the gospel,” said Marianne Jennings, associate producer in the Media Services Department.

Church members can submit their own work—such as photos and video—at create.lds.org. Those materials go through an acceptance, editing, and tagging process and are then placed in the LDS Media Library for general Church membership to use in teaching in the home and performing their callings.

Media Library materials may also be used for personal blogs, websites, and other places where members would like to share gospel messages. Content could also be used in official Church publications and materials.

The resource is designed to help individuals, families, and organizations come unto Christ through the use of wholesome media.

“We hope people will be able to learn through the media and share with their friends something that touches them,” product manager Vicki Bird said.

Media on the site can be accessed with many common mobile devices, including e-books, as well as with Internet TV. It can be shared through podcasts and RSS feeds, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and online broadcasts.

LDS.org/media-library also offers suggestions for using the media resources, information on how the Church is using the material, and instructions for members who wish to contribute additional media to the site.