Making Family Home Evening a Priority

Kathy Goedde Edwards, Utah, USA

When our children were young, our lives were busy with various activities. We anticipated Monday nights when we would have family home evening and could enjoy being together.

During this time, my youngest daughter was on a dance team that practiced twice a week. When her teacher moved practice to Monday nights, we started holding family home evening after her practice. After about three weeks, we realized that the new schedule was making Monday evenings stressful.

We talked to the dance teacher and asked if there was another night she could hold the practices, but she said no.

We didn’t feel right about changing our family home evening schedule to accommodate dance. After talking with our daughter, we decided that it was more important to have family home evening than to make time for dance team. Surprisingly, our daughter did not mind.

Now our daughter is 20 years old. She replaced dancing with other interests that have proved to be more fulfilling. Her decision to give up dance so that we could hold family home evening has blessed our family.

Helps for Home Evening

“Keeping Safe and Balanced in a Google-YouTube-Twitter-Facebook-iEverything World,” page 18: Familiarize yourself with the article before family home evening. Select the sections that you feel are most applicable to share with your family. You may wish to read the list under “Digital Rules” as a family and then come up with your own rules for media use in your home. Stress the importance of using media responsibly by reading Elder Bednar’s quote under “Be Careful in Cyberspace.”

“The Doctrine of the Father,” page 32: Start by asking family members to share what they know about Heavenly Father. Then go through the article, summarizing the points in each section that give insight into who God the Father is. Consider concluding with your testimony of the love that Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, have for us.

“This Is Your Work,” page 42: Beforehand, read the sidebar titled, “What Can I Do?” Choose one of the ideas that your family can do together during family home evening to get involved in family history and temple work. Read the article to your family and then ask them what blessings Sister Beck said would come as they engage in this important work. Carry out the idea you planned ahead of time and consider making a goal as a family to continue this project in weeks to come.