Rise Up, Ye Saints, Rejoice!

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Joyfully 108–120

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1. Rise up, ye Saints, rejoice!
And let your hearts take wing!
Add to the heav’nly choir your voice
As all creation sings.
The long-awaited day
Has dawned o’er all the earth.
And death and sorrow now give way
To glorious rebirth.
2. Rise up and praise the Son
Who light and hope does give.
Our Savior, the Atoning One,
Has died that we might live.
Yea, Christ did come to save,
To break the chains of sin,
To conquer sorrow and the grave,
And new life usher in.
3. Ye who have suffered loss,
Shake off despair and gloom.
Look up and see the vacant cross,
Behold the empty tomb.
Yea, Christ has conquered death,
And all shall be restored.
Our loved ones shall again draw breath,
Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.
4. Rise up, all ye who mourn
And lay aside your pain.
For Christ has all our sorrow borne
That we may smile again.
Our tears He’ll gently dry,
As we behold His face.
We’ll bid all mortal cares goodbye
And glory in His grace.

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