Addiction Recovery Program Calls for Stories of Recovery

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In preparation for an Addiction Recovery Program (ARP) website scheduled to debut later this year, the Church is seeking personal stories of addiction recovery.

Those who decide to share their stories should send an e-mail to containing the following information, which will be kept confidential:

  • Full name, age, and gender.

  • A photo of yourself (preferred but not required).

  • Your affiliation with the Church (membership status).

  • A brief description of your addiction or the addiction of your loved one.

  • An indication of your willingness to share your story through video, audio, text, or all of the above.

  • Your story. Include the consequences of your addiction; a brief description of your life when you were at your lowest point and the circumstances and events you experienced when you knew that you needed help; an explanation about the point at which you experienced healing through Christ and the circumstances and events you experienced when your hope was restored; and a description of your life today and the lessons and blessings you have experienced through forgiveness, repentance, and service.