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First Presidency Message

Called of God and Sustained by the People

Visiting Teaching Message

Visiting Teaching—a Sacred Assignment


Counseling Together in Marriage

How can principles of priesthood councils help you in your marriage?

Inspired in the Temple

Why was the Spirit prompting me to renew my teaching certificate?

Acting on Promptings

Do you recognize the Spirit’s influence in your life?

The Honor and Order of the Priesthood

The President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles bears witness of the priesthood and the apostleship.

Power in the Priesthood Restored

Great blessings come through the privilege of holding and exercising the priesthood.

A Friend in the Bishop

The bishop befriended my three-year-old.

Gathering in a Unity of the Faith

Young adult centers have become places of gathering—to socialize and to learn and share the gospel.

Obtaining the Spirit through Counseling Together

Five principles for inviting the Spirit into your councils.

Quilted Expressions of Human Ties

Just as the pieces of a quilt are designed to work together, let us work together to create harmony in our families, friendships, and communities.

Capturing the Vision of Scouting

Our efforts as Young Men advisers and Scout leaders will have eternal consequences.

Questions and Answers

How can I break the cycle of a dysfunctional family and establish righteous traditions in my own home?

Conversion Was the Key

How I broke the cycle of inactivity I had known since my youth.

Learning to Cope with Infertility

How personal revelation, scriptural insights, and the prophetic word sustained us.

Finding Peace through Forgiveness

I wrestled with rage after someone had deeply hurt me. How could I find peace?

Fasting Strengthens Us Spiritually and Temporally

Fasting is good for both the body and the soul.

The Potential of Youth-Led Service

These African youth are making a difference now.

Family Home Evening Ideas


Latter-day Saint Voices


Small and Simple Things


News of the Church


In Other Church Magazines


A Voice of Thunder, A Voice of Silence

Just as a missionary in Chile became more attuned to minor earthquakes, we can become more attuned to spiritual promptings.