The New Era

Rugby Contract or Mission Call?

Would you give up 1.5 million dollars and a chance to pursue your lifelong dream in order to serve a mission? On page 20 of this month’s New Era, read about an Australian rugby star who faced this decision.

A Century of Young Women Camp

This year is the 100th anniversary of Young Women camp. On page 24 read an article by Elaine S. Dalton in celebration of this event.

Aaronic Priesthood Duties

Read about the duties of deacons, teachers, and priests on page 4 of this month’s issue.

The Friend

Children Serving Others

Are you looking for ways to serve with your children? The June Friend is full of stories about children who found different ways to help others. The Friend would love to receive photos and letters about how your children chose to serve others after reading this issue. See page 48 of the Friend to find out how to submit.

I Can Be a Missionary

Children have special talents that can help them be wonderful missionaries, but they don’t always understand what they can do. See Question Corner on page 43 of the magazine to find ideas from children about things they do to be missionaries.


Book of Mormon Issue

Thank you for the October 2011 Ensign on the Book of Mormon. It is a wonderful uplift to my life—encouraging, fortifying, and testimony strengthening.

Sandra Van Dyke, Utah, USA

Wonderful Graphic Arts

The graphic arts in the October 2011 Ensign on the Book of Mormon are a wonderful teaching tool in my home—for example, the time line on pages 20–21. The picture layout on pages 16–19 also helped me teach my children the names of characters in the Book of Mormon. Thanks to your entire department of gifted, dedicated artists for their inspiring work.

Judy M. DalPonte, Utah, USA