Using True to the Faith

Marilynne Linford, Utah, USA

True to the Faith: A Gospel Reference (item no. 36863) has been an invaluable resource for our family to learn the gospel together. For Christmas a few years ago, my husband and I gave a copy to each family member, from our oldest child to our youngest grandchild. We then used it as the basis for family home evenings with our extended family.

During the first lesson we introduced the book and got acquainted with it by playing a game we called “True to the Faith Chase.” Since the book is arranged alphabetically by topic from Aaronic Priesthood to Zion, someone would call out a topic and family members would see how fast they could turn to that page. The winner would call out the next word.

On Easter we asked everyone to find something in True to the Faith about Jesus Christ to share, and at Thanksgiving the assignment was to find something each person was thankful for.

We have also played “Name that Topic.” In this game, someone reads a paragraph from the book, ending with, “True to the Faith.” Then family members try to guess the topic. If no one can figure it out, the person reads on until someone knows the answer. Whoever gives the first correct answer leads out next.

We have found many uses for True to the Faith and believe it can help nurture families in gospel learning.

Helps for Home Evening

“The Tradition of Light and Testimony,” page 28: Summarize the article and consider inviting your family to create a visual aid in some way to demonstrate the purpose of scaffolding. Consider discussing together how the Church’s structure gives your family “scaffolding” to “reach higher” to build your family and other aspects of your life.

“Prophets at Christmastime,” page 52: After reading several stories from the lives of our latter-day prophets, consider sharing with your family experiences you have had in which your life or the lives of others were touched by service or a special experience during a past Christmas. You may want to discuss ways to follow the examples of our prophets during this season.

“The Safety and Peace of Keeping the Commandments,” page 62: Those with young children might want to have them draw pictures of people doing righteous things along a road leading to a picture of a temple. Other families might consider reading the entire article and discussing it, emphasizing that “the pathway to happiness begins with righteousness through obedience to the commandments” (page 64).