Our Family’s Iron Rod

Jennifer Crooks, Michigan, USA

Our family wanted a place to hang art and photographs. One evening after reading about Lehi’s dream (see 1 Nephi 8), we decided to make a space by hanging our own “iron rod.” I fastened a curtain rod to a prominent wall in our home, and a friend helped me put “Hold to the Rod” in vinyl lettering above the rod. Then we had a family home evening to discuss the importance of our family’s iron rod. We decided to hang items that would help us stand firm and choose the right. Our four-year-old wanted to hang pictures of her grandparents, and our 11-year-old hung the Articles of Faith she was memorizing. We have since used our rod to hang pictures of General Authorities before general conference, visual aids used for family home evening, gospel art pictures, and more. At the center of our family’s iron rod remains a picture of Christ to remind us whom we are striving to follow.

Helps for Home Evening

“Pickles, Turnips, and Testimony: Inspiration from the Life and Teachings of Lorenzo Snow,” page 22: Discuss as a family what you think President Snow meant when he said that in order to be converted we should be “saturated with the right spirit” (page 23). You might want to share some of his conversion experiences in Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Lorenzo Snow (see pages 1, 3, 59, and 61–62) and then take turns sharing your testimonies.

“God Will Pour Out a Blessing,” page 58: You may wish to share the story of how this sister had the faith to pay her tithing. Consider reading and discussing the section on “Tithes and Offerings” from the For the Strength of Youth booklet. Consider challenging your children to begin paying tithing and fast offerings if they aren’t already.

“Embracing Ethan, Accepting Autism,” page 64: Share the story of how Ethan’s ward welcomed his priesthood service and discuss ways you can relate to people with special needs. Consider the people in your ward, school, and community who might benefit from your help and set goals to reach out to them.