What Mission Would Be Best?

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No matter your circumstances, senior missionary opportunities are available to you.

Full-time mission

Church-service mission

Long-term volunteer

Who can serve?

Senior couple, senior sisters

Senior couple, senior brothers, senior sisters


Must be a temple-worthy member?




Time commitment

More than 32 hours a week

Between 8 and 32 hours a week

Less than 8 hours a week

Duration of commitment

6–23 months

6–24 months (can serve longer with stake president’s approval)

Any length

Work status

Generally retired

Can be retired or still working

Can be retired or still working


Away from home

Close to home or at home

At home


Must be able to afford the mission called to. Must pay for housing (up to $1,400 per month for couples), medical and dental insurance, transportation once in mission, personal expenses

Must be able to afford the mission called to. Must pay for housing, medical and dental insurance, transportation, personal expenses

Must provide for own expenses

For more information about senior mission opportunities, visit with your priesthood leader and go to lds.org/service/missionary-service.

Please see your priesthood leader for more information or approval of possible exceptions to the guidelines listed above.