Filling the Lamp

By Rosemary Noble Palmer

The author lives in Florida, USA; Five That Were Wise, by Rose Datoc Dall © 2012, may not be copied

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lamp poem

A drop at a time.

One thought at a time.

One good deed at a time.

One prayer, one smile.

One scripture memorized and applied in daily life.

One Church meeting attended, Spirit felt.

One time sticking up for the downtrodden.

One obedient act.

One honest friend made.

One day lived joyously.

One courageous choice.

One duty done well and promptly.

One chore finished without complaint or reminder.

One inspiring song heard, book read.

One mistake fixed.

One offense forgiven.

One grateful expression.

One kindness shown.

One recollection of divine worth that transforms.

One hug given.

Each drop of oil, small,

Together fill the lamp

Just one drop at a time.