Seminary and Institute at a Glance

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seminary and institutes infographic
  • 307 institute classes worldwide have only one student.

  • 1,549 seminary classes worldwide have only one student.

  • 9 students form the average seminary class.

  • 592 students make up the largest institute class in the world.

  • 88.8% of seminary programs gather in a meetinghouse or home rather than a seminary-specific building.

  • 152 countries have seminary or institute classes.

Seminary Enrollment

Around the world, 404,270 students are enrolled in seminary:

  • 220,717 (U.S.)

  • 183,553 (out of U.S.)

Institute Enrollment

Around the world, 357,760 students are enrolled in institute:

  • 137,740 (U.S.)

  • 220,020 (out of U.S.)


Globally, more than 48,000 members teach seminary and institute. Only 6.4% are full-time or part-time instructors.