Becoming Perfect in Christ

Understanding the Savior's atoning love can free us from unrealistic expectations of perfection. Read the full article.
—Elder Gerrit W. Gong


The Atonement of Jesus Christ 

  • Our Savior’s Atonement allows us to learn, repent, and grow by our own experiences and choices.
  • Understanding His atoning love gives us assurance that through Him we can be saved (see John 3:17).
  • We need both time and process for growth (see Moses 7:21).

Our Perfect Example

  • Only our Savior lived a perfect life. Even He learned and grew in mortality (see D&C 93:13).
  • Jesus Christ commands us to be perfect (see Matthew 5:48).
  • We are to perfect ourselves in Jesus Christ’s and Heavenly Father’s attributes (see Matthew 5:48, footnote b).


  • Unrealistic expectations to be perfect now can crowd out peace and joy.
  • We can be exactly obedient without being perfect.
  • The wait for a perfect spouse, education, job, or house will be long and lonely.

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