8 Benefits of Institute Graduation

Based on an article by Matthew Porter Wilcox

Becoming “the greatest generation” is a challenge for young adults who must constantly withstand temptation in a turbulent world. However, the elevated nature of institute participation and graduation is a great resource for those who desire to obtain greater strength and peace while being in the world.

How will graduating from institute help you become part of “the greatest generation of young adults”?

“[Institute] classes will provide balance to your life and add to your secular education by giving you another opportunity to spend time studying the scriptures and the teachings of the prophets and apostles,” said Elder M. Russell Ballard.

Through institute graduation, you will have gained …

  1. A testimony that stays strong in the face of criticism.
  2. Knowledge for the Spirit to draw upon when answering questions about the Church.
  3. Numerous chances to make friends who share similar values and mutual strength.
  4. Opportunities to prepare to be a missionary.
  5. A regained sense of balance after returning from a mission.
  6. Experience in prioritizing study time and enhancing gospel scholarship.
  7. Deeper insights into connections between scripture and doctrine.
  8. Valuable preparation for future callings in the Church.

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