The Book of Mormon, the Gathering of Israel, and the Second Coming

The coming forth of the Book of Mormon is a sign to the world that the Lord has begun gathering Israel in preparation for the Second Coming. Read the full article.
—Elder Russell M. Nelson


The Abrahamic Covenant and the House of Israel 

  • Through Abraham people of all nations are blessed.
  • Abraham’s descendants will bear the priesthood unto all nations.
  • If not descended from Abraham, those who accept the gospel become his seed through adoption.
  • The Savior of the world would be of Abraham’s lineage.

Scattering and Gathering of Israel

  • The Lord promised that one day scattered Israel would be gathered back into the fold.
  • The gathering is part of the restoration of all things.
  • It is a necessary prelude to the Second Coming.
  • The promise that all nations would be blessed by Abraham’s posterity has yet to be fulfilled, but it will be.

Gathering Is a Prelude to the Second Coming

  • The Book of Mormon is God’s instrument to accomplish the gathering and the Second Coming.
  • The Book of Mormon is a gift from God addressed to the remnant of the house of Israel.
  • Much work must be done to gather Israel and prepare the world for the Second Coming.

Gathering of Israel in This Dispensation

  • The Book of Mormon tells us that the gathering will take place in the latter days.
  • The Lord reaffirmed the Abrahamic covenant in our day through the Prophet Joseph Smith.
  • We have a responsibility in helping with the gathering.
  • The gathering includes the ordinances of the temple, which make it possible for us to be sealed as eternal families. 

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