#FamilyNight: 7 Ways to Celebrate Family Home Evening

Activities you can do to celebrate a century of family home evening

In 1915, latter-day prophets counseled us to set aside an evening a week for our families. It was called “home evening” at first—a time to learn the gospel and have fun together, while strengthening earthly and eternal connections.

One hundred years later, family home evening continues to help build families that will last for eternity. Below are seven suggestions for activities you can do to celebrate a century of family home evening. Share photos and videos of your family home evenings using #FamilyNight.

1. Have a Birthday Party for FHE

Hold a family party to celebrate family home evening’s 100th birthday. Discuss what “gifts” you receive as a family when you have regular family home evening.

2. Share Family Traditions

Each family has their own culture and traditions. Hold a family home evening where each parent shares traditions from when they were growing up. Discuss new traditions your family can start together.

3. Set FHE Goals for the Next Year


How can you improve your family home evening experiences? Consider setting goals to meet more consistently, have better prepared lessons, or increase family participation. Set goals according to what you feel will benefit your family most. Make plans to accomplish your goals together.

4. Learn the History of FHE

Have a lesson about the history of family home evening and why it is still important today.

5. Make an FHE Bucket List

As a family, make a list of fun activities you’d like to do together. Make plans to check items off the list during family home evenings.

6. Discover Church Resources

The Church has extensive resources to make planning family home evening easier and more effective. Take time to browse the Family Home Evening page on LDS.org together, and gather ideas for your family.

7. Invite Other Families to Participate

Join with other families in your ward and community for family home evening. Share what makes your family home evenings successful with others, and learn from them as well. Teach those who don’t have family home evening how it works and why it is important.


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