Champions for the Sabbath

Based on an article by Samantha McFadyen

The 2010 BYU women’s rugby team had waited all year for this opportunity: the chance at a rematch with the team that knocked them out of the national championship tournament one year before. BYU was sitting on a winning season. Everything was lining up for the Cougars to finally make a name for themselves.

There was only one problem—the game was on a Sunday.

“We wanted to prove ourselves to the rugby world by winning a national championship, but it turned out that Heavenly Father had a different path for us,” BYU rugby player Samantha McFadyen says.

In her article, McFadyen says the team unanimously decided to not play the game on Sunday in order to honor the Sabbath. The players didn’t expect their decision to gain any recognition, but it did.

A national news organization picked up the story, and many others praised the players for their commitment to their values. The players were just trying to do the right thing. They didn’t think anyone was watching, but they ended up influencing many people.

“By sticking to our standards, we reached more people than we ever could have if we had won the championship,” McFadyen said. 

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