How Can I Make Dating Less Scary?

From an article by Michael A. Goodman

As Brother Goodman says, “Dating and courtship can be both brutal and beautiful.” Here are five ways to make it more of the latter.


  1. Patiently prepare yourself. Live the gospel, find ways to improve, and make a life for yourself!
  2. Live life relationally. Focus your life on other people, and build different kinds of relationships.
  3. Seek opportunities. Put yourself in situations where you will be likely to meet the kinds of people you would like to date.
  4. Deepen select relationships. If you find that you’d like to get to know someone better, consider asking him or her to an activity where you can do just that.
  5. Communicate expectations openly. The dating game doesn’t have to be a game. Talk openly and often about what your time together means.

Dating doesn’t need to be brutal! Read more about how to make dating more enjoyable and successful in Brother Goodman’s article.

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