Disciples and the Defense of Marriage

Disciples of the Lord are unyielding defenders of traditional marriage.
—President Russell M. Nelson
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Guardians of Virtue

  • The greatest guardians of all virtues are marriage and family.
  • Male and female are created for what they can do and become—together.
  • You will encounter increasing debate about the definition of marriage.
  • You can strengthen the Lord’s side of the argument by the eloquence of your examples as individuals and as families.
  • Life will not be comfortable for true disciples, but we will have the Lord’s approval.

No Part-Time Disciples

  • There is no such thing as a part-time disciple.
  • Be courageous and proclaim God’s truth with clarity and kindness.
  • Disciples of the Lord are defenders of traditional marriage. We cannot yield.
  • The future of marriage and countless human lives will be determined by your willingness to bear solemn witness of the Lord and live according to His gospel.
  • At the heart of becoming disciples is doing what we promise to do when we partake of the sacrament (from Sister Sheri Dew).

Proclaim the Will of God

  • As disciples we bear responsibility to proclaim the will of God to all.
  • We stand up for the truth regarding the sacred nature of marriage.
  • Our message is shaped by divine doctrine from the Bible (Genesis 1:1, 27−28; 2:24; 3:20; Moses 4:26).
  • Marriage was created by God as the union of a man and a woman.
  • True intimacy as planned by God is experienced only within the sacred union of a husband and wife.
  • True intimacy is enriched by truth and ennobled by the honoring of covenants a husband and a wife make with each other and with God.
  • Social and political pressures to change marriage have resulted in practices contrary to God’s will.
  • Man cannot make moral what God declares to be immoral.
  • Sin, even if legalized by man, is still sin in the eyes of God.
  • We value rights and feelings of our brothers and sisters, but we cannot change doctrine.

Love Means Obedience

  • If we love God, we will show it by keeping His commandments.
  • The noblest yearning of the heart is for marriage that will endure beyond death.
  • As disciples of the Lord, you will stand as defenders of marriage.
  • If you are true and faithful He will help and protect you (D&C 84:88) and will bless your families (Isaiah 49:25; D&C 98:37).
  • Because of the Lord Jesus Christ you may enjoy the blessing of eternal life with Him and your families.

Marriage Is Ordained of God

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