From Our Readers

Marie Nielsen of Utah writes:

Grateful for President Monson

“I love general conference! I’m so grateful for living prophets and apostles who teach us in our day. I especially loved President Thomas S. Monson’s talk on the Word of Wisdom (see “Principles and Promises,Ensign, Nov. 2016, 78–79). Though it was short, it was filled with the power of God.

“I was so inspired by the World War II story about the Latter-day Saint sailor during a battle in the Philippines. I could imagine how the sailor felt when the order to evacuate came and a landing craft picked up him and three others and took them to the last ship leaving the bay. All four men had to climb up a 40-foot (12 m) rope thrown over the side of the ship, but the LDS sailor had a heavy radio strapped to his back. It was no surprise that about a third of the way up the rope, he felt he could no longer hold on. 

“Knowing that the sailor’s prayer was answered and that he received the strength promised in the Word of Wisdom strengthened my testimony of the Word of Wisdom and reminded me of the power of prayer. President Monson’s spirit and example are a testament to me of our Heavenly Father’s love for each of us.”

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