Guided Safely Home

We look heavenward for that unfailing sense of direction, that we might chart and follow a wise and proper course. Read the full article.
—President Thomas S. Monson


The Mighty Bismarck

  • Was considered unsinkable.
  • Was sunk when it lost its rudder and with it the ability to steer a charted course.

We, Too, Are Miracles of Engineering

  • We have been given the divine gifts of reason and judgment.
  • We have been provided a way to determine the direction we travel.
  • A man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder, never likely to reach home port.

Heavenly Father Points the Way to Our Desired Destination

  • He cautions us to beware detours, pitfalls, and traps.
  • We are to pray.
  • We are to listen to the still, small voice that helps us to follow Christ.

As Bearers of the Priesthood

  • We are to be worthy of the blessings Father in Heaven has in store for us.
  • We must stand in holy places and avoid places that are not worthy of us and our priesthood.
  • We must maintain our personal purity and honor our priesthood.
  • As we do so we will become examples of righteousness that others can follow.
  • We must be examples; influences for good.

The Greatest Force in the World is the Power of God as It Works through Man

  • We reach out and up to obtain heavenly help.
  • We look heavenward for our unfailing sense of direction.
  • We then chart and follow a wise and proper course.
  • As we seek heavenly help our rudder, unlike the Bismarck’s, will not fail.
  • Our testimonies can be as deep and strong as Jacob’s, Nephi’s brother, who said, when confronted with evil, “I could not be shaken” (Jacob 7:5).

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