“He Ran, and Fell on His Neck, and Kissed Him”

It is our privilege to feel the love Heavenly Father has for us and for our brothers and sisters as we assist in the great work of helping them come to themselves and, more important, come to God.
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The Prodigal Son

  • This parable is one of three the Savior told to teach that there is joy in heaven over even one soul that repents (see Luke 15:7; 15:10).
  • A son requests his inheritance from his father, leaves home, and wastes it on riotous living.
  • Starving and with less food than the pigs he is tending, the prodigal son desires to repent and determines to return home to beg to be a servant in his father’s house.
  • As soon as the father sees his son, his joy is unbounded and he prepares a wonderful reunion (see Luke 15:20−24).

The Loving, Forgiving Father

  • The prodigal son’s father is like our Heavenly Father, who also runs to embrace us.
  • As a Church leader I have felt the strength and depth of God’s love as I have listened to a Church member confess wrongdoing.
  • The embrace, kiss, robe, ring, and shoes described in the parable all seem to be rolled into one as I am in the presence of a child of God who has repented and returned to his Father.

Returning to God

  • God repeatedly invites us to return to Him in the scriptures.
  • It is a great blessing we enjoy as members to assist others to return to full activity.
  • President Thomas S. Monson has called on us to rescue those who have drifted away (Thomas S. Monson, “Our Responsibility to Rescue,Ensign, Oct. 2013, 4−5).

The Older Son

  • The older son, who had always been faithful, does not understand what has happened and is upset.
  • His father lovingly expresses his love for his faithful older son and explains that the younger brother was as though dead and is now alive again, was lost and is now found.
  • We share the Father’s love for His repentant children when we assist in helping them to return to the fold (Luke 15:27).
  • It is our privilege to feel the love Heavenly Father has for us and our brothers and sisters as we help them to come to Him.

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