Helps to Prevent Suicide

Based on an article by an author who has kept her name confidential

How can I overcome suicidal thoughts?

The author of the article said she battled suicidal thoughts by seeking a priesthood blessing, consulting a doctor, and obtaining medication. Because her depression was seasonal, moving to a sunny city also helped her. The first step for her, though, was realizing she couldn’t do it alone.

How do I heal from the effects of my past mental illness?

The author said she learned she had developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) even after the worst of her depression had passed. She was treated by a doctor for her PTSD and said she could feel the hand of the Lord in her healing process. She also learned to apply the Savior’s Atonement to wipe away her lingering feelings of guilt and sadness. 

How do I create a suicide-prevention safety plan?

Create a plan to deal with suicidal thoughts before you are having them. Keep it somewhere you can easily access it in a moment of distress. An example of a suicide-prevention plan follows:

  1. Recognize the warning signs.
  2. Try to calm and comfort yourself.
  3. Think about your reasons for living.
  4. Reach out to others and ask for help.
  5. Make sure you are in a safe environment.
  6. If you still feel like harming yourself, contact a professional.
  7. After all of this, if you still feel unsafe, call emergency services or go to a hospital.

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