How Can the Temple Bless You?

Six young adults share the joys of the temple. 

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It’s no secret that we live in a whirlwind of confusion. Our lives are in constant motion, and we’re faced with temptations of all sorts at every turn. What’s one to do?

Since ancient times, the Lord has blessed His people with temples as a place of refuge, hope, and protection. Six young adults share how the temple has offered precious blessings that have helped them to endure the challenges of life.

How is the temple a place of refuge?

“The temple president said that when we entered the temple, we could leave our troubles at the door and enter to feel the Lord’s peace.” —Grace Huang Marsden

How is the temple a place of learning?

“As I learned all the ordinances by memory, concepts that had seemed old and stale became new and beautiful.” —Alex Masterson

How can the temple help with life’s challenges?

“Reminded through the ordinances of my personal worth and eternal goals, I can leave with a burden more bearable and a heart more cheerful than before my service.” —Jonathan Baker

How can the temple help me develop patience?

“It seemed almost unfair that they’d been born without the gospel, … [but] the Spirit touched my heart. They could still receive all of Heavenly Father’s blessings. He would compensate them for all that seemed unjust.” —Carrie Cox

What can I learn in the temple about eternal families?

“My family had just entered the celestial room when my dad turned to me and said, ‘Michael, one day when you go through the temple, you will enter this room and our family will be waiting for you.’ I realized that the feeling I had was love … [and] I knew that I wanted to be with my family forever.” —Michael Skidmore

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