I Want to Be Happy, but How?

Based on an article by Hank R. Smith

God wants us to be happy. All we have to do is live by the principles for happiness in the Book of Mormon! Can it really be that simple? Read on!

Does our choice of friends matter?

YES! It is important for us to have friends who believe as we do and who uplift us.

Is it important that my actions match what I believe?

YES! Obedience to the commandments is an important of being happy.

Do I have to work hard?

YES! Work is a critical factor in obtaining happiness.

What part does the temple play in my being happy?

A BIG PART! We can attend on a regular basis, or if this isn’t feasible we can still have a recommend and pictures of the temple in our homes.

How do I share what I have?

GREAT QUESTION! It is important that we share. We have many opportunities to help others through service, fast offerings, and sharing the truths of the gospel.

What about family?

HOW IMPORTANT? Being married and having children can be a great source of happiness, but what if you do not have this opportunity? We can still interact with family members in ways that bring happiness by offering our love, support, and understanding. We can do the same in our ward families.

Am I a peacemaker?

LET’S THINK ABOUT THIS ONE! Contention and happiness are opposites. We must do all we can to have the love of God in our own hearts so we can avoid contention with others.

4 Things You Can Do

  1. Do a search on the word “happiness” in the Book of Mormon.
  2. Look for similarities about what brings happiness.
  3. Put what you learn about happiness from the Book of Mormon into practice.
  4. Read the full article.