Lessons from a Father and Son

Based on an article by Pauline Richardson

God can teach us big lessons in life’s smallest moments.

Take for example those who witnessed Andrew, a new deacon, passing the sacrament for the first time. Andrew had recently been diagnosed with a debilitating disease, making it hard for him to balance. He wanted to fulfill his duty as a deacon and pass the sacrament, but he knew he couldn't do it on his own. Andrew's father stepped in to help his son by standing right behind him, steadying him as he reverently passed the bread and the water.  

Three lessons we can draw from this story:

  1. Come to know Father in Heaven. Anyone could have stood next to Andrew and helped him as he passed the sacrament, but it was his father who stepped in, someone he knew loved him. Do we have a testimony that God is our Father, and do we know that He loves us and is there for us?
  2. Have courage to trust God. It took humility for Andrew to accept his father's help. Do we humble ourselves enough to let our Father in Heaven help us when we’re struggling?
  3. Remember the Savior’s sacrifice. One of the reasons we take the sacrament is to remember the suffering Christ went through, so that in our times of trial we can lean on Him. Do we take the time to remember the enabling power of the Atonement during the sacrament?

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