What Starting a Family and Having “Nothing” Taught Me

Based on an article by Elisabeth Allen

“When hunger comes through the door, love jumps out the window” is an old Spanish proverb that always seemed to follow young people as soon as they started sharing their marriage plans with their friends. Fortunately, Heavenly Father’s love is far, far greater than hunger, and when the struggle gets real, His love can materialize in many ways.

The concept of starting a marriage with nothing but faith is an inconvenient idea in a generation that places convenience above personal growth. “Marriage isn’t for me yet; I still have to …” seems to be the outcry of a generation, as we appear to have forgotten that everlasting commitment to the person we love does not mean a life of everlasting suffering paved with struggle. In the words of Elisabeth Allen, sometimes we forget that “while the road ahead of us may not be free of challenges, it will be a happy one, as long as we trust in Heavenly Father.”

Starting a family with nothing but faith has made us:

  • Happy and grateful.
  • Utilize the talents God has given us.
  • Be creative, “as we learned to … have fun on a Friday night without spending money on a movie or takeout.”
  • Learn to be happy in a rented apartment.
  • Know that when we are faithful and determined, Heavenly Father will give us what we need, when we need it.

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