Personal and Family Finance

Based on an article by Bryan Sudweeks and E. Jeffrey Hill

It can be tough to manage your money, particularly when you’re just getting started. But one thing’s for sure: focusing on the Lord and having an eternal perspective is the surest (and happiest) way to go.

In “An Eternal Perspective on Personal and Family Finance,” BYU professors Bryan Sudweeks and E. Jeffrey Hill share the whys, whats, and hows of finance from a gospel-centered point of view.

Why learn about finance?

We are on earth to become like Christ, and learning to manage finances helps us grow closer to Him. We can learn to wisely use the resources we’ve been blessed with, gain resources that we can then consecrate to the Lord, and develop strong family relationships.

What are the foundations of this perspective?

It’s all about ownership, responsibility, agency, and accountability. According to Sudweeks and Hill, the first three principles are blessings from our Father in Heaven, and accountability “can be our gift to God to show how much we love Him through our obedience.”

How can we best apply these financial principles?

Following principles such as paying tithes and offerings first, avoiding debt, preparing for emergencies, and planning for both short- and long-term expenses can help one have peace of mind.

Remember what matters most because it will guide the way you spend every dollar. 

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