Reaping the Rewards of Righteousness

We need to resist the world’s focus and increase our emphasis on spiritual matters. Read the full article. —Elder Quentin L. Cook


The Reward of Spirituality

  • Put material concerns in proper perspective to achieve spiritual progress.
  • Christ will come again. Review your commitment to God and your readiness to meet Him by:
    • Humbling yourself and having a broken heart and contrite spirit.
    • Becoming stripped of pride.
    • Becoming stripped of envy.
    • Not mocking or bullying anyone (see Alma 5:27−30).

The Reward of Righteous Families

  • Strengthen our families by talking, rejoicing, preaching, and prophesying of Christ.
  • Emphasize religious observance by having daily family prayer and scripture study and holding weekly family home evening.
  • Living worthy of a temple recommend, receiving temple ordinances, and being true to our covenants gives us the focus and vision to stay on the covenant path.
  • Single members who are faithful will receive all the promised blessings.

The Reward of Happiness

  • Blessings come from living the commandments (see Mosiah 2:41).
  • Family home evening, family prayer, expressing love, family togetherness, and family traditions produce happy, successful adults.
  • Be sure your children know you love them. Love is the key ingredient to happiness.

The Reward of Prospering in the Land

  • Having the Spirit in our lives is the primary ingredient in prospering in the land.
  • Living the Word of Wisdom allows us to prosper in the land.
  • Prospering in the land is having sufficient for our needs while having the abundant blessing of the Spirit in our lives.

The Reward of Peace

  • Peace is the ultimate promised reward of righteousness.
  • President Kimball said good women would be drawn to the Church if the women of the Church reflect righteousness and are seen as different in happy ways from the women of the world.
  • The Lord is a sun and shield and will give grace and glory. No good thing will be withheld from those who walk uprightly (see Psalm 84:11).
  • I pray you will reap the rewards of righteousness as you follow our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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