The Savior’s Selfless and Sacred Sacrifice

“The Lord has suffered and paid the penalty if we are willing to accept Him as our Redeemer. ” Read the full article. —President Boyd K. Packer


  • Prophets have always taught repentance (Alma 9:27).
  • There are two basic purposes for mortal life: to receive a body and to be tested.
  • In testing we will make mistakes, but we can learn from them.
  • Relief from guilt can be earned through repentance.
  • No offense is exempt from the promise of complete forgiveness.

Satan Attacks the Family

  • Satan focuses his attacks on the family
  • Pornography is focused on that part of our nature through which we have the power to beget life.
  • You know what is right and what is wrong. If you are involved, stop it now!
  • If at first you stumble, do not get discouraged. Do not give up. Once you have confessed and forsaken your sins, do not look back.

The Savior Suffered for Our Sins

  • The Lord has suffered and paid the penalty if you are willing to accept Him as your Redeemer.
  • He suffered for us so that we would not have to suffer
  • He presented His life and took upon Himself the sins of the world (Mosiah 26:23)

Complete Forgiveness Is Possible

  • I promise that the brilliant morning of complete forgiveness can come.
  • This is what I have come to teach you who are in trouble.
  • He will step in and solve the problem you cannot solve, but you have to pay the price.
  • It does not come without doing that’s. He wants you to do what you should, even if it is painful.

The Atonement



Come Unto Him

  • Meet life’s challenges with optimism and surety, and you will have the peace and faith to sustain you.
  • Remain worthy, be hopeful, patient, and prayerful and the gift of the Holy Ghost will guide and direct you.
  • Read the reassuring teachings found in the hymn, “Come Unto Jesus.”

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