Senior Missions Made Easy

From an article by Richard M. Romney


Seven ways to resolve concerns and make a mission right for you.

Problem: I can’t be far from home.

Church-service couples may live at home and serve locally.

Problem: I want to do something I’m familiar with.

Mission presidents talk with couples about how to best use their skills and abilities.

Problem: Two years is too long to be away.

Couples can serve for 6, 12, 18, or 23 months. They can serve internationally for less than 18 months, if they pay for travel.

Problem: What if something happens to my family while I’m away?

Couples may take time off (normally 7–10 days), at their own expense, to return home for a 
critical family event.

Problem: Will I have enough money to live where I am called? Will the housing be sufficient for my needs?

Couples pay no more than a set amount for housing, including rent, utilities, and furnishings. Housing is safe and comfortable.

Problem: I don’t think I can undertake a young single missionary schedule.

Schedules for couples are less strenuous than for young single missionaries.

Problem: I won’t be able to talk to my family as much as I’d like.

Couples may communicate with their families more frequently than is outlined for young single missionaries.

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