Three Steps to Spiritual Guidance

From an article by John Hilton III

We face big decisions every day, not the least of which is what we should do to progress on the gospel path. We often need to ask the Lord, “What shall I do?” If we’re going to learn God’s will for us, we need a heart willing to ask, to listen, and to change.

  1. Ask. Before we can ever receive—let alone act on—spiritual guidance, we have to be humble enough to listen to the gospel and realize that we need to change.
  2. Listen. Whether the Lord requires serious repentance or small course corrections, it will take conscious effort to hear and understand His voice.
  3. Change. If we want to follow the Lord’s course for our life, we need to commit from the very beginning to act on the answers we receive. Learning what the Lord would have us do requires commitment to do what the Lord would have us do.

As Brother Hilton teaches, “As Latter-day Saints, we have made covenants to do God’s will. Thus, each of us has the responsibility to know what God would have us do. As we feast on the words of Christ, seek to do our duty, and humble ourselves, revelation will come.”

Learn from scriptural examples of asking “What Shall I Do?” in Brother Hilton’s full article.

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