Teaching Youth How to Lead in the Savior’s Way

Highlights from an article by Carol F. McConkie

Our youth are not just future leaders. They are leaders today. We can help them lead like the Savior.

How can we best help youth lead like the Savior today?

As parents and leaders we lead, guide, and walk beside our young men and young women. But it is the youth themselves who are responsible for leading and directing the work of their classes and quorums. The leader’s work is simply to help the youth learn and apply principles that will help them lead in the Savior’s way.

Here are four principles we can teach our young men and young women to help them lead as the Savior leads.

Prepare Spiritually

Help youth understand the importance of personal spiritual preparation, and teach them how to spiritually prepare. Spiritual preparation gives youth the confidence that they are the Lord’s agents and that they are on His errand (see D&C 64:29).


Participate in Councils

Teach youth the fundamental order and the revelatory power of councils as they participate in councils such as bishopric youth committees and quorum and class presidency meetings.

Minister to Others

Help youth understand the precious value of every soul, and encourage them to reach out in loving kindness to every young man and woman, for whom the Savior sacrificed everything.


Teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Help youth recognize opportunities to teach the gospel and understand that their most important teaching will be their example. By the integrity of their words and actions, they demonstrate what it means to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ.