The Lord Needs You Now!

We are to stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all places.
—Elder M. Russell Ballard
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Put On the Whole Armour of God

  • We are at war—a continuation of the one that began in the premortal world.
  • I invite you to “put on the whole armour of God” and join the battle today, as the sons of Helaman did so many years ago.
  • The Church needs modern stripling warriors who have made a covenant to stand as witnesses of God and become a great support to the Church.

Combatting Pornography

  • Join in the fight against this terrible plague.
  • Pornography poisons in many ways your chances of having a loving, lasting marriage.
  • It kills genuine, tender human relationships, destroying marriages and families.
  • If you are involved, get help now. Pornography can be overcome with the Savior’s assistance.

The Doctrine of Marriage

  • Understand the position of the Church on marriage as given us by our Heavenly Father through the scriptures and “The Family: A Proclamation to the World.

  • The traditional definition of marriage is under attack.
  • The First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles have explained the Church’s position and God’s purpose and plan for His children.
  • We urge you to review and teach members the doctrine contained in the “The Family: A Proclamation to the World.”
  • God expects us to uphold and keep His commandments regardless of the opinions of others.
  • We must love and strive to help others to understand that no one should ignore or discount God’s commandments.

A Witness and a Warning

  • The Lord’s warning in the proclamation also comes with an invitation to come unto Him.
  • As one of the watchmen on the tower, I love you and want you to understand that we must face the Lord and keep His commandments.
  • The gospel is a message of hope.
  • Because of Jesus Christ, peace can replace guilt, healthy relationships can be restored, and addictions can be overcome.

Using Technology to Bless Lives

  • Use social media to share the gospel and stand as modern sons and daughters of Helaman.
  • Use social media wisely.
  • Stand as witnesses of truth and defend the kingdom

Defending the Kingdom

  • Don’t worry about those in the spacious building who ridicule or misjudge you.
  • Do not shrink.
  • You are a great and important generation. The future is bright. You are precious to the future of preparing the world for when Jesus Christ returns.

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