The Temple and the Natural Order of Marriage

The temple has the power to etch God’s natural laws of marriage and family life into our hearts.
—Elder Bruce C. Hafen
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The Marriage of Adam and Eve


  • “Adam fell that men might be [mortal]; and men are [mortal], that they might have joy” (2 Nephi 2:22−23, 25).
  • The temple’s primal story is the story of a married couple who help each other face continuous mortal opposition.
  • The Restoration sees Eve—and all women—as noble beings who are the complete equals of men.
  • Eve and Adam are interdependent, equal partners who help one another in everything they do.

Bringing a Broken Heart to the Altar

  • The temple’s altars are altars of prayer, sacrifice, and covenants.
  • In similitude of the Savior’s sacrifice of Himself, we offer our own broken hearts as our personal sacrifice.
  • As we offer ourselves to our husbands or wives and to God in emulation of Christ’s sacrifice, we can become ever more as He is.
  • Living the covenants of the sealing ordinances can sanctify our marriages, hearts, and lives.

Marriage and Authentic Joy

  • One way to rid ourselves of ungodliness is to stay close to the temple.
  • As we deny ourselves of ungodliness and honestly love God as fully as we are able, Christ’s grace can complete the process of making us whole.
  • The temple and Elijah’s sealing power are sources of reconciliation, turning not only the hearts of children and parents toward one another but also turning the hearts of wives and husbands toward one another.
  • I bear witness that the order of marriage God gave Adam and Eve is worth whatever it takes—to find it, to build it, and to keep it in our lives.
  • Husbands and wives who try to live like the Good Shepherd will discover, and will give to each other, a more abundant life of authentic joy.

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