Not Everyone Is Addicted to Pornography

It is inevitable that we are all being exposed to sexual content on a regular basis. Now what?
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Because a lot of attention is given to avoiding pornography or recovering from addiction, we can begin to think that either a person is or is not addicted, with nothing in between. Thinking this way can be a problem. When individuals who struggle with pornography believe they are addicted, feelings of shame and hopelessness can impede repentance. Instead of getting help, they may continue using pornography, increasing their risk of addition.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks teaches that there is a wide variety of involvement with pornography between those two extreme, and he suggests ways to respond to each of them:

Inadvertent Exposure

There is no sin in this when we turn away and don’t pursue it.

Occasional Use

Intentional use of pornography, no matter how casual, always invites more frequent exposure. Don’t go there.

Intensive Use

Repeated intentional use can make its use a habit. Make a change.

Compulsive Use

Behavior becomes addictive when it forms a dependency and takes priority over almost everything else in life. Seek extra help.

The next time you encounter sexual content, know how to respond the right way—no matter what your level of involvement.


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