Using Media to Your Advantage

Based on an article by Aysia Tan

Whether we realize it or not, the media we choose to consume affects us, whether positively or negatively. The things we allow to fill our minds end up shaping our being—we become what we think about.

You may be thinking, “That’s probably true for some people, but not me.” If you fall into this category, be careful; you could be in the most danger. Just as water will continue to seep through a leak in a boat, whether or not we acknowledge the leak, so will media continue to influence our thoughts whether or not we address its impact.

Elder Bednar has said, “Technology in and of itself is neither inherently good nor bad”; it’s what we do with it that determines its “goodness or badness.” 

2 Tips for Using the Power of Media to Your Advantage: 

  1. Acknowledge our susceptibility to media influence and recognize how it influences us.
  2. Identify and choose positive media options.

We don’t need to avoid media altogether; we simply need to actively surround ourselves with wholesome and uplifting media. When we set standards to consume only good media, we allow ourselves to be more receptive to the Spirit.

We have the choice—but more importantly, we have the power to choose.

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