What Do Women Hunger For?

Based on an article by Sharon Eubank

How can women find purpose and identity?

“I say to my sisters that what you are hungry for as a woman, as a Christian, as an intellectual, as an eternal being is here in the doctrine of Jesus Christ in the Church,” shares Sharon Eubank, director of LDS Charities.

At times the role of women is misunderstood, but the gospel of Jesus Christ gives clarity. Sister Eubank suggests three tips to help us correctly apply the doctrine:

1. Keep the Big Picture in Mind

It can be easy to get hung up on the little things—a single question, a particular practice—but the doctrine of the gospel provides the big picture. Turn to the gospel for answers, and avoid “looking beyond the mark” (Jacob 4:14).

2. Stay Faithful in the Face of Opposition

Embrace life’s struggles: the gospel is true, but we will still face challenges as we strive to be faithful.

3. Seek the Holy Ghost

Gaining a testimony of the gospel starts with asking questions and finding answers, and the Holy Ghost can confirm truths that we discover. The Holy Ghost also helps us to avoid falling into unrighteous dominion.

Women want to find purpose and identity, and through the doctrine of Jesus Christ, they can—and they will. 

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